The Data Collection Module (DCM)

The heart of the Tracking System is a Data Collection Module (hereafter called DCM) which is fitted to the Vehicle or Asset being tracked. Vehicles and Equipment are the most commonly tracked items, however, devices can be fitted to people, animals, freight, in fact just about anything, provided there is a 12 volt power source available or the customer is prepared to recharge the battery on a regular basis.

Vehicle Tracking Systems Limited sells and installs DCM’s that require no driver interaction or intervention. Vehicle Tracking Systems "Track-It" continually monitors and records the tracked Asset at a pre selected time interval.

Typical DCM Specification:

Tracking Unit with 1 x Panic Switch, 2 x Switched Inputs, 4 x Digital Inputs
5 x Digital Outputs, 2 x Serial Inputs, 1 x USB Port, 1 x External GPS Antenna
1 x Backup Lithium-ion Battery

: Quad band 850, 900, 1800, 1900 +GPS
Antenna: 3.3V Active, GSM Antenna: FAKRA
Voice: AMR, EFR, FR, HR.
GPS Protocols: NMEA, TAIP, Binary; Buffered GPS message: Yes
Battery Connection: Automotive Voltage input 12-24V DC
Memory: 128/32 Mbits MCP
Packet Data: Class B, Multislot 8; Protocol GSM/GPRS Rel 97 AMR Rel 99
Coding Schemes CS1-CS4; Packet Channel PBCCH/PCCCH
Communication: 2 UART
Other Features: Programmable GPIO, Push Button SIM Card Socket.
GPS Specification:
Sirf StarIII GSC 3f/LB: 50MHz AARM7TDMI processor plus 1Mbit SRAM/4Mbit flash,
Receiver Tracking: L1, CA Code, Channels: 20 Max; Upgrade Rate: 1 sec max altitude/ Velocity <60,000 Ft/1,000 Knots
Position Accuracy: 10M 3DRMS outdoors
Tracking Sensitivity: -157 dBm
Power Consumption: 40-60mW
Hot Start < 1 sec, Warm Start 38 Sec, Cold start < 42 sec
Power: 12V DC from Vehicle
Battery Capacity: Lithium-ion Battery
Current Consumption: Max Operating 300mA Supply voltage 3.7V, Standby 3mA GSM/3.7V + 60mA GPS Always on/3.7V
Physical Size: Size 135 x 80 x 28 mm, Weight: 250gms including Battery
Temperature Range: Operating Temp -30c to + 85C
Operating Humidity Up to 95%
Storage Temp -40C to + 85 C
Included with every Unit: 1 x Panic or Off / On switch, 1 x Back up Battery, 1 x GPS Receiver
Warranty: 12 Months

Inputs on Data Collection Modules (DCMs)

DCM units have inputs. Each make and model has a different number of inputs. These Data inputs can be SMS Txt remotely to change their state. Any accessory items that clients want to monitor can be connected to these Data inputs. Common uses for inputs:

  • Connecting to a Vehicle Immobiliser.
  • Connecting to a Car Alarm
  • Connecting to a Vehicle Air Bag System to report their deployment.
  • Connecting Door Switches and Accessories
  • Connecting Panic Buttons
  • Connecting to the Fuel Guage
  • Connecting to the Rev Counter
  • Connecting to the Temperature Guage

Note: Vehicle Immobilisers must be connected in a legal method and must be programmed not to turn off the car while it is moving; rather they prevent the vehicle from starting.