All Polling Signals terminate at Vehicle Tracking Systems' Servers where they are logged in Track-It Software. Customers can then access this data from their own PCs over the Internet through a Web Access portal.

The Polling data forms the basis of Vehicle Tracking System's Vehicle and Asset Tracking Programme and provides historical management information that enables clients to improve productivity, reduce fleet running costs and demonstrate their compliance with legal obligations.

At each Poll the Vehicle or Asset’s position and the time is logged.

Track-It software is ideal for organisations that do not wish to host and manage their own computer hardware and software and prefer to access the system via the internet, it is easy to use and user friendly.

Track-It software is the leading Vehicle and Asset Tracking software programme and includes automated SMS and email notifications. When using the Web access, clients are watching their Vehicles and Assets in near real time with a latency with only a few seconds.

Clients can play back their Vehicle and Assets activities by simply selecting the date and time in the history log, the system will show the exact route the Vehicle or Asset took. It also identifies the speed the Vehicle or Asset was travelling and how many times the Vehicle or Asset stopped.

The total vehicle journey can be replayed. The client can click on specific points in the journey to identify what happened and can replay the movements of any Vehicle or Asset at a speed and time to suit.

Web Access

Clients view their data through a Web portal; they do this by clicking on the Client Login button on the Homepage of this site and logging onto Vehicle Tracking Systems' secure site by using a User Name and Password. The client can only see their information and no others.

Mapping Software

Track-It’s software includes mapping software and gives clients the ability to view all their Vehicles and Assets on a map simultaneously. The zoom function allows clients to view their Vehicles and Assets on street level mapping, therefore the location of all Vehicles and Assets can be pinpointed accurately and directed accurately if required. The mapping software includes both Road maps and an Aerial map for a bird’s eye view.

Mapping is of the highest quality and accuracy. Simple arrow indicators allow you to quickly pan the mapping to vehicles outside the viewing screen.

Geo Vault (Ring Fence)

Track-It includes a Geo Vault (sometimes called Ring Fencing) feature that allows the user to set up zones around certain locations to alert them the instant an event occurs, for example, a vehicle arriving or leaving the area or entering or leaving the pre selected region.