Under the “COSTS” column enter the hourly rate that you pay the staff who use your vehicles, the hourly rate at which you charge your customers and the current fuel price. Then enter:

  1. The number of minutes per day that you think your staff exaggerate by on their time sheets.
  2. The number of extra minutes per day that you could charge for on jobs by knowing the exact arrival and departure time of your service staff.
  3. The number of billable minutes per month which you would not have to credit to customers accounts through disputes of time spent on their jobs.
  4. The number of kilometres per day saved in travelling distance through staff not running private errands because they know they are being tracked. Take into account the kilometres saved through vehicles taking the most direct routes to jobs.

The calculator will show you now, your total gross savings per vehicle.

Below, in the small column beside “Fleet Size”, enter the number of vehicles in your fleet.

The table will show you, your net cash savings after paying for the cost of the vehicle tracking system. This is cash in the bank each and every week for you AFTER paying for the system. This is based on a lease to own contract at $5.75 per week plus the monthly Web access fee per vehicle.

Staff Hourly Rate: $  
Charge Out Rate per hour: $ Including GST
Fuel Cost (per litre): $  
Vehicle Running Cost per KM
Industry Average
Fuel Consumption (Kms per Litre)
Industry Average
Minutes Lost on time sheet errors per day
(How many minutes are claimed incorrectly?)
Billable Minutes Gained on invoicing per day
(How many extra minutes could you charge for jobs?)
Credited Minutes Saved on customer disputes per month
(Be able to prove time on site for jobs.)
Reduction in kilometers travelled per day
(Cut personal mileage and improve routes taken.)
Total DAILY SAVINGS per vehicle $  
Total MONTHLY SAVINGS per vehicle (20 day month) $  
Fleet Size:    
  Weekly Monthly Annually
Vehicle Tracking Investment - Service Rate $10.38 $45.00 $540.00
Cash Gained per Vehicle $ $ $
Nett Cash Gain per Vehicle $ $ $
Nett Cash Gain for Whole Fleet $ $ $