Increased Productivity

Productivity is increased because Management as well as Dispatch can see exactly where the vehicles are at any one time.

Reduction in:

  • Wages and Overtime - You can check all timesheets to identify false claims on hours worked.
  • Fuel Expenditure - deviations from routes can be kept to a minimum or even eliminated.
  • Private Mileage - No more unauthorised private use of work vehicles.
  • Communication Costs - There is no need to call the whole fleet to find out which vehicle is closest to a job.
  • Insurance Expenses - The added security provided by a Vehicle Tracking System can reduce your insurance premiums.

Increased Revenue

Onsite time is charged accurately as is the distance and time taken to attend customers.

Increased Profits

The increased revenue combined with savings on fuel and wages as well as improved productivity and the winning of new business means an increase in profits.

Improved Customer Service

You can keep your customers informed of accurate delivery times and provide written proof of delivery and accurate billing.

Increased Efficiency

You have an accurate picture of the working day which provides you with a management tool to ensure that your business is working efficiently.

Manage Your Fleet From Anywhere

Web access enables you to log on and monitor your fleet from anywhere at any time when you are away from the office.

Winning New Business and Gaining The Competitive Edge

A Vehicle Tracking System can help you win contracts based upon the guarantee that service agreements can be met and recorded.

Proof for Fuel Rebate Claims

A Vehicle Tracking System can provide accurate and provable reports of off road use to assist with claiming of fuel rebates

Occupational Health and Safety Benefits

A Vehicle Tracking System will improve driver safety through the use of the panic button that immediately reports the driver's need for help as well as the location. Air Bag deployment in vehicles fitted with air bags can be reported along with the location of the vehicle.


A Vehicle Tracking System will improve vehicle security through connecting a Vehicle Alarm or security devices such as door switches, water levels and movement sensors to the tracking unit which, on activation of the alarm, will report the activation immediately, along with the location.