A number of pre set Reports are available to clients. Other specific reports can be configured to suit each client’s individual requirements. Extra charges may be incurred by the client if they require us to tailor make specific reports for them. Reports are based on Exceptions to the usual or allowed and allow managers to automate the process of verifying and/or checking drivers' timesheets, overtime claims, vehicle speeds etc. Each client Report can be configured by the client to suit their requirements.

Reports can be viewed in real time through the Web interface or they can be provided to the client by SMS or email at pre-set times (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)

Seven reports are provided as standard:

  • Exception report – Detailed report highlighting deviations from expected events such as unscheduled or barred activity including; speeding, extended stops, unscheduled stops, route deviations, visits to barred locations, and excessive idling.
  • Time at location report – Details time spent at each location, useful for both
    management and preparation of invoices based on time spent on site.
  • Event Report – Allows you to scrutinise a particular event as closely as possible by looking at the data recorded.
  • Daily activity report – This report gives you an overview of journey information for the Vehicle or asset. The report shows start and stop locations, the time taken and the distance travelled for each journey.
  • Distance travelled report – This concise report filters out idling time from the Journey report, providing essential information on where Vehicles or assets have been.
  • Journey report – Overviews of the driver’s start and finish times helping to verify drivers' working hours.

Other Features / Applications

Track-It software includes a number of other features including:

  • Separate log in codes and user names providing different levels of access for different users
  • A facility to store pictures of Vehicles or Assets. Application: Car rental companies and Finance companies
  • Different response plans for each event (Can notify different people)
  • Adjustable schedule of operating hours (Allows tracking of after hours use or theft)