Impressive Cost Savings for Your Business

Vehicle Tracking Systems "Track-It" encourages productivity and discourages dishonesty. As the saying goes... "You can't manage what you can't monitor"

Increased Productivity

Studies indicate that the average employee wastes at least an hour every single day. At just $25 per hour, that's $125 per employee per week in revenue that's leaking out of your business. 

The "Track-It" will encourage greater productivity in your team and help to plug this costly leak.

More Accurate Billing

Just 2 small billing errors (inaccuracies) per week can cost you dearly. At a charge-out fee of just $60 per hour, 2 hours of undercharged work amounts to $120 per employee per week. The "Track-It" will enable more accurate billing for great profitability.

Invoice Justification

Invoice disputes cost hours in lost time and money. "Track-It" gives you an accurate record of time spent on site, enabling you to quickly and easily calculate and justify invoices. Savings could easily amount to another $50 per employee per week.

Vehicle Mileage

Misuse of company vehicles can cost you dearly in fuel and vehicle maintenance. The "Track-It" discourages these practices, saving you $0.75 per kilometre - easily amounting to another $75 per employee per week. (You'll be surprised...shocked, even, when you start monitoring the use of your vehicles)

Calculate Your Savings

All this adds up to thousands of dollars in your pocket over the course of a year! Work it our for yourself using our Savings Calculator.  You will be amazed at how much the "Track-It" can save you.