What is Vehicle or Asset Tracking?

A Vehicle or Asset Tracking System should provide a record of both the current and the historical locations of a Vehicle or Asset which the Vehicle or Asset’s Owner/Operator can access.

This is done by obtaining the Vehicle or Asset’s location from the Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and transmitting this location using the GPRS mobile communication network or the Satellite Communication System to a Computer Server located in The Service Provider’s premises. This server is loaded with monitoring software and maps that enable the Vehicle or Asset’s Owner/Operator to view the data in an easily readable format.

From this data the Vehicle or Asset’s Owner/Operator should be able to generate management information and Reports that go beyond the limitations of simply locating vehicles on a map. This data should be accessible remotely and continuously by the Vehicle or Asset’s Owner/Operator.

What is an Asset?

While usually Tracking Programmes track vehicles, “Asset” Tracking is a more correct definition as other items apart from Vehicles can be tracked. These other items include People, Animals, Boats, Products, Freight, Containers, Machinery, Equipment, in fact just about anything that moves

What sends the Data from the GPS network to the Service Provider?

The heart of the Tracking System is a Data Collection Module (DCM) which is fitted to the Vehicle or Asset being tracked. The DCM collects data from the GPS unit and transmits it at a pre set time interval to The Service Provider. The data transmitted includes both the Vehicle or Asset’s location and the time of each position report.

The DCM can be fitted discreetly so that it is not obvious the Vehicle or Asset has a Tracking Device installed.

The DCM is powered by a 12 volt power source and includes a back up battery. It can be fitted to anything provided there is a 12 volt power source available or the customer is prepared to recharge the battery on a regular basis.

The DCM requires no driver interaction or intervention and continually monitors and records the tracked Asset at a pre selected time interval.

What is the Polling Interval?

The time interval that the DCM transmits data to the Service Provider is pre selected. This interval is called the Polling Interval and for Vehicles this is usually every 60 seconds, but could be every 10 seconds or up to every 30 minutes. At each Poll the Asset’s position, speed and distance travelled are logged into Vehicle Tracking Systems' Servers.

What is the Service Provider?

The Service Provider is the Receiver of the Data that is transmitted. The Service Provider will have Computers/Servers connected to the GPRS network that receive the data, the Computers/Servers have a software programme loaded that will organise and sort the data. This data is transmitted into an easily readable format which is available to the Owner/Operator of the Vehicle or Asset. The software will include mapping software.
The Data should be backed up off site and be available on a 24/7 basis