Finance available on vehicle tracking equipment

FlexiOwn is the only sensible way to purchase new equipment leaving your cash free for the running of your business. FlexiOwn is available to private individuals as well as businesses.

No Deposit

With FlexiOwn there is no deposit – simply make the first monthly payment in advance.

Low Monthly Payments

FlexiOwn is available for Vehicle Tracking Systems on a 48month term. The affordable monthly payments allow you to obtain the equipment you want now, no matter what your budget.

Tax Deductible for Business Use

Claim the full GST amount back in the first month, following which, you can claim the usual tax deductions on depreciation and interest.

“FlexiSwap” to the Latest Technology

FlexiOwn has been designed for consumers who want to have the benefits of ownership and the choice to upgrade. Simply return your old goods, in good working order, in the last 3 months of your agreement and take out a new agreement. Flexirent will then waive all remaining payments under your old agreement. Now, that’s flexible!

Quick & Easy Applications

Applications are processed over the phone in ten minutes.

In Summary

FlexiOwn is a “lease-to-own” agreement suitable for consumers and businesses. After the last payment is made, ownership transfers to you. When our consultant calls, an easy phone call to Flexirent will give you an immediate answer. A cheque for the first month’s payment will get you started straight away.