Detection devices are available which are connected to an Input on the DCM. Commonly used are:

Motion Sensor

A Motion Sensor detects the movement of a Vehicle or Asset and signals an alert when and if the Vehicle or Asset moves. This can be either outside the Vehicle or Asset's allowable working hours (Schedule of Hours) or whenever it moves. This is used to detect the theft or unlawful removal of the Vehicle or an Asset. Applications include vehicles, trailers, plant equipment and machinery such as diggers or rollers. Theft is on the rise, and vulnerable pieces of equipment are not only costly to replace, but represent substantial cost to a company, incurred through down-time if stolen.

Fixed Panic Alarm

A Fixed Panic Alarm can be fitted to any Vehicle or Asset’s DCM and comes with most DCM’s. Health and Safety at work is paramount for any business, and Duty of Care legislation dictates the responsibility a company has for the welfare of its workers, including mobile workers and those working remotely. A Panic Alarm provides lone workers in vulnerable mobile situations with the ability to summon assistance.