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Here you will find the best priced GPS Tracker for cars, vans, trucks, trailers and motorbikes. These GPS Trackers work well on all contractors' machinery to alert the owner if they are moved outside a defined area.

Vehicle Tracking Systems Limited is New Zealand’s foremost asset security specialist, providing GPS vehicle tracking solutions from fleet management to private cars.You can track your vehicles live over the internet to achieve greater cost savings and logistical management.

30 years in the security business gives us the experience to assist you in better management of your vehicles and mobile operators through real time GPS satellite tracking. You can:

  • Manage your fleet for greater productivity
  • Monitor your staff for greater accountability
  • Watch over your team for greater protection and personal safety


  • Know if drivers are taking the most direct routes to jobs - to save on petrol costs
  • Know the exact time that vehicles are parked at jobs - for costing purposes
  • Know when staff are leaving home and arriving home - for checking time sheets
  • Know where vehicles are parked evenings and weekends - to detect "foreigners"
  • Know when vehicles are being used for private use and to what extent

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The Vehicle Tracking System's GPS tracker will pay for itself, quickly and start saving you money by making your fleet more efficient and accountable. To see exactly how much money you could save check our savings calculator

We can install tracking units on:

MOTORBIKES - A small, fully waterproof tracker, custom designed to fit snugly on any motorbike or quad bike. Ideal to locate the machine if stolen.

TRAILERS - A unit with a long life battery that will last up to 3 months then recharge again when the trailer is connected to a vehicle.

Give us a call now on 0800 771 770 to find out more.